6 Reasons Why Italy Is Better Than America

The United States and Italy are two very different countries. The first is an almost continent sized global superpower, the other, a comparatively small country in southern Europe. Actually, Italy and America have quite a shared history – especially through Italian immigration to the US. However, there are still major differences between them. In fact, some would argue that Italy is actually better than America, and in some ways, it is. Let us show you…

1. Italians Eat A Better Diet Than Americans

A first reason why Italy is better than the US is because, generally, Italians eat much better than Americans do.

America is notorious for its bad diet and unhealthy population. 41% of Americans are obese. This results in widespread poor health outcomes for many Americans, and puts a significant strain on the US healthcare system. The American diet is known for its ultra-processed foods and widespread use of additives. The average American eats one of the unhealthiest diets in the world.

Italy, on the other hand, is renowned not only for its amazing cuisine, but also the quality of the country’s food. These are major reasons why Italy is better than America. Only 12% of Italians are overweight. This much lower rate is another sign that Italy is better than America. The average Italian eats a generally healthy diet. The foods produced in Italy are also healthier, and have less artificial ingredients than American produced food. The better diets Italians have over Americans results in longer life expectancies and better health outcomes.

2. Healthcare Is Better In Italy Than America

A second reason why Italy is better than America is because it has better healthcare.

America does have one of the world’s best healthcare systems. However, as a purely private and insurance-based model, millions of American’s cannot access healthcare either because they are not ensured or because they cannot afford to pay. This means that there are large numbers of people in the US who do not receive the healthcare they need. This can have a massive impact of their lives.

Italy also has a world-class healthcare system. However, Italy’s healthcare system provides better coverage than America’s. Very few Italians go without the medical assistance they need. People in Italy generally do not have to pay for healthcare, meaning that even poorer people can receive medical treatment. The quality of healthcare available in Italy is some of the best in the world. This fact, combined with the fact that there are not huge numbers of Italians going without medical care, like there is in the US, is a big reason why Italy is better than America.

3. Italy Has A Deeper History Than America

A third reason why Italy is better than America is because of its deeper history.

The United States has a relatively short history. North America was colonized by Europeans from the 1500s onwards, and America itself was only founded in 1776. Although there is a long indigenous history before this, there are limited records and sites that still exist from this time. This means many of the cities, towns, sites and artefacts in the US are not very historical, and the US does not have deep ties to a history going back millennia…

Italy has a long and fascinating history. From the Romen-era through to the Renaissance and the modern day, Italy is world famous for it’s past. Millions of people travel to Italy to enjoys its old architecture, ancient sites and to see amazing artefacts in its museums. Italian culture also has deep roots, and reflects the nations long history.

The simple fact that Italy has such a rich history compared to America, is a big reason why it’s better.

4. Italy Has A Richer Culture Than America

Another reason why Italy is better than America is because of its rich culture.

American culture is enjoyed widely around the world, and obviously every culture has its merit. However, many see American culture as lacking deep roots, as well as being heavily made by a mix of many different cultures, as opposed to really having its own distinctness. This is partly because of the history of the US and the immigration from around the world that has occurred throughout the history of the US.

Italy is famous for its culture. Italian culture has long roots and is well-defined. Italians protect their culture and work to keep it alive. Everything from Italian food, music, and arts, to films, festivals and ceremonies are almost entirely unique to Italy. This is one thing people love about the country. It’s also one thing that makes Italy very different to America, and for many it’s a reason why Italy is actually better.

5. Italy Has More Amazing Sites To See Than America Does

One reason why Italy is better than America is because the country has so many amazing sites to see.

America is an incredible country with many great places. However, as we discussed, it lacks the long history and cultural depth of Italy. This means that many of the things that you can see in the US are more modern. Although there are interesting sites in the US, the country doesn’t quite have the sites that Italy does…

Italy is one of the most incredible countries in the world for sites to see. Many would argue that this makes it better than America. Italy has hundreds of ancient Roman sites, as well as Renaissance sites and modern places as well. The huge variety of places to see, as well as their enormous influence on history and culture, makes Italy an amazing place. America simply doesn’t have sites that can compare, and this is why Italy is better.

6. Italy Has More Affordable Education Than America

A final reason why Italy is better than America is because it has a much more affordable education system.

The US is notorious for sinking graduates in debt. The average American students pays over 100,000 USD for their college degree. Many of the top universities in America charge hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to study there. Although America has world-class universities, the cost of studying at these institutions leaves many students with decades of debt repayments.

The Italian education system is also world-class. Italy has many highly rated universities and students who go to college in Italy receive a fantastic education. However, Italian students do not need to take huge loans to pay for their degrees, and fees for Italian colleges are often very low. The fact that young people in Italy can receive a great higher education without having to go into massive amounts of debt, like young people in the US do, is a big reason why Italy is better than America.

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