6 Reasons Why Americans Are So Patriotic

There are many stereotypes about American people. Some are flattering – that they are friendly and well mannered; others less so, like they are loud and badly dressed.  However, one stereotype about Americans is quite confusing – that they are very patriotic. In many ways this is true, and the US has long been a highly patriotic nation. So why is this? Well, we’ll explain…

1. America’s History Inspires Patriotism

A first reason why Americans are so patriotic is because of their history.

The modern nation of the United States was first founded when European settlers, many fleeing religious persecution at home, migrated to North America. Although America was originally founded as a British colony, by the 1770s, the US had fought a war of independence against Great Britain and declared itself an independent nation. The way the United States was founded – not only through rebellion but also by distinguishing itself as a place free from persecution and the ideas of the ‘old world’ bread patriotism into many Americans.

As American history progressed, the country defined itself by its basic rights and freedoms, although not always enjoyed by all, and by its focus on individualism. These ideals made the US different to the rest of the world for much of its history, another factor that has resulted in Americans being highly patriotic.

The way the United States was born, and the history of the US, are actually key factors that have directly resulted in Americans being so patriotic today.

2. The US Education System Is Patriotic

A second reason why Americans are so patriotic is because of their education system.

The US has one of the best, and most inclusive, education systems in the world. All children in the US receive free schooling from ages four to eighteen. However, the US education system is, in many ways, highly patriotic. It distils a sense of pride in America throughout the years that children attend. Instilling patriotism into all children at a young age is one reason why Americans, in general, are so patriotic.

Children in American schools often sing the national anthem and attend ceremonies relating to the country’s flag. These elements of the school system are not entirely unique to America, but actually many other countries don’t include such patriotic rituals in their education. This is one reason why Americans seem more patriotic than people from other countries.

Another element of the US school system that helps instill patriotism in children is what they are taught. History in American schools especially teaches a perhaps overly patriotic view of the United States. This further adds to why Americans are so patriotic.

3. American Politicians Promote Patriotism

A third reason why Americans are so patriotic is because of their politics.

On both sides of the political aisle politicians use patriotism to win over voters. Political parties in the US appeal to American history, ideals and exceptionalism to try and attract voters. This means that American politics can be highly patriotic. In some cases being more patriotic can be highly beneficial for a political candidate in the US, and this further fuels the rise of patriotism on the US political scene.

Whether American politicians promote patriotism because the wider American public is patriotic, or the US political system’s focus on patriotism makes people in the US more patriotic is impossible to conclude. However, it cannot be denied that politics in America relies more heavily on patriotism than can be found in many other countries. This is one reason why American people are seen as being so patriotic.

4. The US Has Lots Of Patriotic Media

Another reason why people from the US are so patriotic is because of America’s media.

America is famous around the world for having a patriotic media. News outlets in the US are far from impartial and many follow strong political lines. However, whether a news source is right wing or left, in America they almost all pander to patriotism. As well as news media promoting patriotism in the US, other media, such as films, television, and music also often have patriotic themes in the US.

Like with American politics, whether media in the US is patriotic because that’s what people like, or people in America are highly patriotic so that’s what media panders to is a chicken and egg scenario. With that said, it has to be agreed that one reason Americans are seen as being so patriotic is because their media is.

5. America Has A Long Tradition Of Patriotism

One reason why Americans are so patriotic is because they have a long tradition of patriotism.

As we said, America was born from revolution. The country gained independence by fighting a war against Great Britain – the most powerful country in the world at that time. This meant that the United States began its history in an act of defiance that has inspired patriotism ever since.

Following independence, the United States fought another war with Britain in 1812, before beginning to expand and conquer most of the North American continent. Although many would argue that this expansion came at the determent of the native population, the ideal of the Wild West and the westward expansion of the US further inspired patriotism. America’s 20th Century history, fighting in two world wars and assisting in the defeats of Nazi Germany and Fascist Japan have also inspired patriotism in America. All in all, America has a long list of events have installed a patriotic tradition in the country and this is partly why Americans are so patriotic today.

6. American’s Have A Lot To Be Patriotic About

A final reason why Americans are very patriotic is, actually, because they have a lot of be patriotic about.

The United States is not a perfect country, but then no country is. However, the US has developed the largest and most advanced economy in the world, whilst providing a high standard of living for the vast majority of its over 330 million people. Americans receive free childhood education and can access world-class healthcare. The US has good infrastructure throughout, as well as capable public services. There are many nations around the world that lack these things. Really, these are all factors that Americans should be proudly patriotic about.

America has also played a largely beneficial role on the world stage. Sure the US has made errors internationally, but it has also fought, both militarily and diplomatically, to assist weaker peoples and defend them. America is also a massive donor of international aid and humanitarian assistance.

The US may not always have lived-up to its founding ideals. However, Americans strong belief in individual freedoms, protected rights and the rule of law are enviable to many people around the world. It cannot be ignored that one reason why Americans are highly patriotic, is because they deserve to be.

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