7 Things That Make America A Free Country

The United States of America has long been known as the land of the free. America became a country in 1776 when it gained independence from Great Britain. The nation was founded on the principles of freedom and equality. Americans today are proud of their freedoms and believe strongly in the rights of individuals. But why is the US a free country? And what actually makes Americans free today? Let us explain…

1. America’s Democratic System Of Government

A first factor that makes America a free country is its democratic system of government.

America has been a democracy since its founding in 1776. Although many would argue it was a flawed democracy with limited voting rights for many decades, it cannot be ignored that the United States was founded on the principles of a democratic government. Throughout American history, governments have been held accountable by the people and free and fair elections have been held that peacefully removed and replaced governments.

Democracy is key to America’s freedom. The strength of the democratic system in the US prevents autocrats from usurping power. The American political system has checks and balances that ensure the government remains democratic. This, in-turn, ensures the people of America are free.

Being able to choose who governs you is one of the most important freedoms in the world. America’s democratic political system is a major reason why the country is free.

2. America’s Free Market Economic System

A second thing that makes America free is the country’s economic system.

The United States has a been a capitalist country since its founding. Capitalism is an economic system where money, labour and goods can move freely as the market dictates. In free market and capitalist countries the government has limited involvement in the running of the economy.

People in America are able to start businesses, take jobs, and invest in companies freely. The capitalist economy of the United States is one of the biggest factors that makes Americans free.

Having an economy that has limited government interference is a major factor that makes America a free country. Although there is no country in the world where the state is entirely removed from the economy, the US has one of the most open free market economies in the world. Being able to choose what you do with your money, where and how you work, and how and where you run your businesses are vital freedoms that Americans are able to enjoy.

3. The Freedoms Enshrined In The American Constitution

A third thing that makes America free is the rights enshrined in the American constitution.

The US Constitution is the written charter of the American state. Written in 1787, it dictates how the United States governance structure should function. The American Constitution also has a series of amendments, the first ten being known as the Bill of Rights. These enshrine basic freedoms for all Americans that are seen as unalienable and unchangeable.

The Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights, is one of the main factors that makes America a free country. By having the rights of every American, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or minority status, enshrined in constitutional law prevents these rights being easily removed. It also creates a strong foundation of freedom that the country has continued to pursue since it’s foundation.

Although there are those that would argue for much of the country’s history not every American was able to access the rights that are enshrined in the Constitution, America has continuously moved towards greater freedoms for all people. The foundational principles contained within the US Constitution are a major reason why America is a free country.

4. The US Legal System And It’s Inbuilt Protections

Another thing that makes the United States a free country is the strength of its legal system.

In America, the right to a fair trial is protected by the Constitution. The judiciary is an independent arm of the government and is not under the control of the executive or legislature. People in America accused of a crime have a trial in an open court and are judged by a jury of their peers. The use of cruel and unusual punishment is also prohibited by the US Constitution.

Protections are built into the US legal system. Having fair and transparent treatment of people accused, and found guilty, of crimes, is a key factor that makes a country free. The core tenants of US legal system were designed at the country’s founding and there is a long history of legal protections in America.

There are those who criticise the US legal system, and the country’s law enforcement practices. Although there may be merit to these debates, the freedoms that Americans enjoy are partly down to the protections inbuilt in their legal system.

5. America’s Inclusive Institutions

A further thing that makes America free is the country’s inclusive institutions.

A country’s institutions are the organisations, bodies, laws, and regulations that are involved with how a nation is ran. They include the executive, parliament, and judiciary, as well as policing, businesses, the financial institutions. A nations institutions are also the established practices that people in the country follow. Essentially, a country’s institutions are what makes up its economic and political system.

A nation with an inclusive political and economy system means that the institutions of the country work in the interests of the wider population. This differs from extractive institutions, that aim to draw economic and political resources for a smaller elite. Inclusive institutions are key to making a country free – they allow people to live economic lives without corruption and interference. They also ensure a degree of accountability from politicians and the government.

America is a free country because it has long established inclusive institutions. The economic and political system of the US generally works in the interests of the population. Checks and balances, as well as regulations, are in-place to ensure a degree of fairness and transparency. The inclusivity of America’s institutions is one of the most important things that makes it a free country.

6. The Lack Of External Threats America Faces

A key thing that makes America a free country is the lack of external threats the nation faces.

The US is one of the most secure countries in the world. There has been no invasion of America since 1812. America does not border hostile nations and there are no countries in the world that could mount an invasion of the United States. The lack of enemies close to the US means the country is sure of its basic security and this is a major factor that allows the country to be free.

Nations that face external threats often lack freedoms for their citizens. Governments can use the justification of attack to limit people’s freedoms of speech, press and assembly. Many countries under threat also conscript young people into their armed forces and exact control over their economies.

America politically, economically, and militarily dominates North and Central America. There are no countries in the vicinity of the US that pose a serious threat. This security is an important thing that allows America to be a free country.

7. The US Faces No Major Internal Threats

A final thing that makes the US a free county is that there are no internal threats to America.

America is stable country. Although many feel that US is going through a political crisis, in fact there are limited threats to America’s institutions. The nation is policed effectively and there is no internal armed conflict, active militia groups fighting the state or separatist movements. Countries that face internal threats such as these are unable to guarantee freedom for their populations. The fact America doesn’t face internal threats is a major reason why the country is free.

The United States is a highly functional country. Corruption is low and nepotism and cronyism have a minimal effect on both politics and the economy. There are no political movements in America trying to break the country apart and almost no risk of a violent overthrow of the government.

America is a free country partly because its internal security is ensured. The country may be divided politically, but the US is not at risk of breaking apart, falling into civil war, or ending as a democracy. America’s long history of stability is an important thing that makes the country free. 

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