6 Reasons Why America Could Be The Worst Country In The World

The United States is the fourth largest nation in the world. With a population of nearly 330 million, it is also the third most populous. America is the only true global superpower. Its economic, cultural, military, and diplomatic reach around the world is unrivalled. However, although the US is much respected as a nation, it is also despised by many people. Why is this? What are the reasons why some people think the US is actually the worst county of all? Well… let us explain…

1. America Is Rich Country But Many Live In Poverty

A first reason why America could be the worst country in the world is because it is incredibly rich, but still millions of Americans live in poverty.

The United States is by far the richest country in the world. With a GDP of nearly 21 trillion dollars, the US makes up over 15% of the total world economy. America is richer than almost the 100 poorest countries in the world combined. The US has also been the richest county in the world for almost a century. The US is incredibly wealthy as a nation.

Although the US has enormous wealth, a major reason why it could be the worst country in the world is because so many Americans live in dire poverty. More than 30% of American’s live below the poverty line – this is over 37 million people.

With a GDP per capita of 63,500 USD, American’s are wealthy by global standards. However, with so many Americans living in poverty, the riches within American society are not evenly shared. This is a big reason why America could be the worst country in the world.

There are 7.5 million people with a net worth of over one million dollars in America. However, with millions of Americans livings in poverty, it is clear the US is a country where people who are rich can get ahead, while huge numbers of people live in destitution. This disparity between rich and poor is one argument for why American may be the worst country of them all.

2. American Culture Can Be Over Materialistic

A second reason why the US could be the worst country in the world is because American culture can be over materialistic.

America is a capitalist country. Many would argue it’s one of the countries the world where capitalism has been allowed to run the most freely. One result of this has been the development of a highly materialistic culture in the US. Lots of people around the world look at American culture as lacking depth, being unintellectual and promoting loose morals and decadence. The focus on material possessions in American culture is one reason why some think America is the worst country in the world.

Much of the popular culture in the United States, including movies, music, and television, promote a message that acquiring material wealth is a route to happiness. American celebrity culture is another aspect that heavily promotes materialism within America and internationally.

Many people around the world be less likely to call the US the worst country in the world if American culture wasn’t so widely consumed. The prevalence of American popular culture – and its materialistic nature, is a major reason why lots of people dislike the United States.

3. American Is a Massively Divided Country

A big reason many would cite for why America could be the worst country in the world is because of the extreme polarisation within American society.

America is a highly divided country. It is divided economically – especially between the coasts and the central states. It is also divided culturally – especially between the North and South. As well as these major divides, American public opinion is massively split on many key issues. Gun control, abortion, LGBT rights, immigration and healthcare are just some of the issues Americans are hugely polarised on. There is very little room for nuanced debate within America on issues such as these. This is a major problem for the country.

Alongside the political polarisation within the American public, the US pollical system is massively divided. Democrats and Republicans fail to work constructively together at the Federal level. Many would argue polarisation has broken the American pollical system. Regular government shutdowns, including in 2013 and 2018, highlight how dysfunctional the US political system has become.

The United States is perhaps the most divided country in the world. This is a major argument for why it might be the worst country of all.

4. The US Has Led Many Failed International Interventions

Another reason why America could be the worst country in the world is because of its interference in other nations affairs.

The United States has a long history of foreign interference. In the 19th Century, America led interventions in Hawaii, Mexico, and Cuba – just to name a few. The second half of the 20th Century, during the Cold War perhaps saw the height of American interventionism. The Vietnam War cost the lives of nearly 60,000 American’s and millions of Vietnamese – one of the America’s biggest foreign policy failures. Involvement in Guatemala, Indonesia, and Iran, between the 1950s and 70s, saw the US interference in the affairs of other nations. The 2003 invasion of Iraq is perhaps the most recent example of the US leading a failed foreign intervention.

For almost 200 years, America has involved itself in the affairs of other countries. The US has strongly promoted its own interests abroad, sometimes to the detriment of other nations and their people’s. Millions of lives have been lost as a result of American military aggressions abroad.

America is by the far the country in the world that has used its military strength to ensure its own strategic interests. This could be one of the biggest reasons why the US is the worst country in the world.

5. America Is Withdrawing From Global Leadership

A further reason why America could be the worst country in the world is because the US is withdrawing from its role a global leader.

America is by far the most powerful country in the world. It’s enormous and technologically advanced military is the strongest there is. The country is also an economic and political juggernaut. America is diplomatically powerful, with significant influence with other countries and in international bodies such as the United Nations and NATO.

Although the US is an enormously powerful and influential country, in recent years it has been withdrawing from its position on the global stage. There are major trends within both the Right and Left of American politics that are calling for the US to withdrawal from engaging so much with the rest of the world.

The United States can be a great force for good in the world. It’s promotion of human rights, democracy and free market economics has helped millions of people around the world. As America withdrawals from its role in promoting these causes, it could well become the worst country in the world.

America is the largest single donor of humanitarian aid worldwide. The US is also the largest donor to the United Nations. A reduction in the assistance America provides to those living in poverty or affected by disasters around the world, especially whilst it retains the means to help, would further the argument that America is the worst country.

6. The US Often Acts Unilaterally

A final reason why America could be the worst country in the world is because it often acts alone, without consulting other nations or its allies.

America has a wide range of alliances. It was a founding member of NATO, making it formally allied to many countries in Europe. The US is also an ally on countries in Asia including Japan, South Korea, and India. Australia, Canada, and Brazil are also considered key American allies.

Although it is laudable that the US has a strong network of global alliances, in fact America often acts alone, in its own interest, and without working alongside its allies. The 2003 invasion of Iraq is a prime example of the US moving ahead when in fact many of its allies advised against.

The United States is a key member of international bodies such as the United Nations. However, threats to pull out of organisations such as this, or to reduce American financial support, are further examples of America acting unilaterally.

America’s often disregard for its allies, as well as the US insistence to often act alone, is one major reason why the US may be the worst country in the world.

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