7 Reasons Why America Definitely Isn’t Boring

The United States is the richest and most powerful country in the world. America has the third largest population globally, and accounts for nearly a quarter of the total world economy. Millions of people live in America, and millions more visit each year for business or tourism. America clearly has a lot going for it, but is there one thing we’re maybe missing? Could the US actually be a really boring place? Actually, definitely not! And we’ll explain why…

1. America Has Stunning Scenery

A first reason why America is definitely not boring is because of the country’s stunning scenery.

The United States is an incredibly beautiful country. From New England, to the Pacific North West, and from the deserts of Arizona to the Florida Quay, America has so many incredible natural landscapes. The diversity of the different scenery across America is a big reason why the country is far from boring.

America does a great job of protecting its natural environment. There are 424 National Parks across the United States. Some of these are enormous, meaning you can explore literally hundreds of miles of untapped wilderness. The US has amazing wildlife as well.

Getting out and seeing some of the stunning natural landscapes in America is one of the best things to do. The beauty, and diversity, of America’s rural scenery is one reason why the country is definitely not boring.

2. There Is Great Food In America

A second reason why America isn’t boring is because of the great food.

Ok, America may not have a reputation for amazing cuisine. However, actually many people get this wrong. In fact, there is incredible food to be found across America. The United States has everything from cheap diner cuisine to high-end multi-Michelin starred restaurants. This means the country simply can’t be boring.

Across the US there is huge range of great foods. Not only are there the American staples, but there are also regional variations, from Chicago style pizza to Southern barbeque. America also has many cuisines brought over by people who have immigrated to the United States. This can include fantastic Mexican cuisine, as well as Peruvian, Ethiopian, Chinese, and Indian – just to name a few.

America may not be known for its cuisine, but actually the quality, and variety, of food you can eat in the US means the country is far from boring

3. America Has Worldclass Entertainment

A third reason why the US is not boring is because of the worldclass entertainment on offer.

American entertainment, including films, TV shows, music, theatre and the arts, are enjoyed all over the world. The United States has a long history of producing some of the top entertainment there is, and the range and quality of what’s on offer in the US means the country simply can’t be boring.

Across America, there are amazing sites to see and things to do, from museums and art galleries, to celebrity tours and theatre performances. Whether its high-class entertainment, or Hollywood glitz that draws you, America has it to offer.

America has essentially defined modern entertainment. Anyone living in America has almost an endless amount of entertainment options. Anyone visiting, can explore the depth of American TV, films, and music. The fact that American entertainment is enjoyed by so many around the world, shows America definitely isn’t boring.

4. The US Is Full Of Diverse People

Another reason why the US isn’t boring is because its full of diverse people.

The United States has a population of over 331 million. Famously, the US was built on immigration. Beginning in the late 1400s, settlers from Europe came to the US, and soon after began forcibly shipping African slaves. In the 19th Century, millions of people from countries including Ireland, Italy and Poland migrated to America looking for a better life. In the 20th and 21st Century, people from everywhere from Mexico and Latin America to Africa and Asia move to the United States. This has made America an incredibly diverse country.

The diversity of America is a big reason why it’s not boring. There are so many cultures in the US that there is always something to explore. There is diversity in food, music, dance, art, television and movies. There are also many different languages and religions in America. The diversity of the United States means there are a huge range of attitudes to life and beliefs. This means America just can’t be boring.

5. America Has Incredible Towns And Cities

One reason why America definitely isn’t boring is because of the many incredible cities across the United States.

The US has some of the most recognizable, and important, cities in the world. New York, Los Angeles, San Francesco and Chicago are major global hubs that attract top talent from around the world. They also draw millions of tourists each year, as well as having some of the leading global businesses. US cities such as these are incredibly dynamic and exciting. There is no way America can be boring with cities like these.

As well as major global cities, America also has loads of smaller cities that are also incredible places to explore. Cities such as Austen, Las Vegas, Boston and Denver have amazing music scenes, food scenes, art galleries, theatres and culture. There are literally dozens of incredible cities like these across the United States.

If you want to really explore the United States – get out of the cities and into the small towns. Small town life in the US is friendly, open and genuine. Many people find exploring the smaller communities across America one of the top things about the US. With so many towns and cities to explore, its impossible for the US to be boring.

6. The US Has A Fascinating History

A further reason why America is far from boring is because of its fascinating history.

There is history in North America going back millennia. Before the arrival of European settlers in 1492, Native American communities thrived across what is now the United States. From the colonisation by the British, to America’s independence in 1776, on to the Civil War, World War One, Prohibition, the Great Depression, World War Two, the 1960s and the Vietnam War, through to the Reagan era and to the present day… America has had a captivating history.

Not only does the United States have a really interesting history, but it’s possible to explore much of it within the US. Across America there are worldclass museums, as well as preserved historical sites. Anyone interested in history will never run out of things to do in America.

The fascinating history of America, combined with the top museums and sites to see, ensures the country is far from boring.

7. America Is A Huge Country

A final reason why America isn’t boring is simply because it is such as huge country.

The United States covers 3.79 million square miles. It’s the third largest country in the world. From New York to Los Angeles, Florida to Maine, San Diego to Washington state… America is simply too big and there are endless things to do. Include in that Alaska and Hawaii, and really, it’s just not possible for America to really be boring.

America is so big there is really something for everyone. From huge global cities to small towns, and from stunning coastlines to the rural heathlands, the United States really does have everything.

The simple fact that America is so big, and the almost limitless possibilities this entails, clearly means that it can’t be a boring place.

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