7 Reasons Why Italy Is Not A Third World Country

The term ‘Third World’ is a broad definition given to poorer and less developed countries around the world. The phrase was initially used to refer to countries not aligned with the American Capitalist or Soviet Communist blocs. However, by the 1990s, the term had begun to be used to refer to countries plagued with extreme poverty.

So, if ‘Third World’ is a used to describe poorer nations where large numbers of people live in poverty, would it be correct to describe Italy as third world county? Definitely not. Let’s us explain why…

1. Italy Is A Wealthy Country

A first reason why Italy is not a third world country is because it is rich.

Italy is the eighth richest country in the world. One of the key factors that defines third world countries in that they are poor. Third world countries have high rates of poverty and low levels of income. This does not apply to Italy as the country is wealthy by global standards.

People who live in third world countries are generally poor. Many people in third world countries live of only a few dollars a day. Italy has a per capita income of 42,270 dollars. This means the average Italian is extremely wealthy compared to the populations of most third world countries. Italy’s per capita income is another key reason why it is not a third world country.

Although it must be said that not everyone in Italy is wealthy, generally Italians have a high standard of living. There are people in Italy who live in poverty, however Italy is able to provide the poorest in its population with basic services like education and healthcare, as well as benefits and financial support.

Widespread and extreme poverty is a key characteristic of a third world country. Italy’s lack of extreme poverty is a key reason why it is not a third world country.

2. The Country Has A Developed Economy

A second reason why Italy is not a third world country is because it has a highly developed economy.

Third world countries have been unable to grow their economies and achieve prosperity. They have low economic growth and lack developed manufacturing and industries.

Italy is one of the most developed economies in the world – it has the ninth largest economy. This means that Italy is not a third world country. The country’s economy is highly diverse. Italy has key industrial sectors including motor vehicles, electrical goods, fashion, pharmaceuticals, high-end consumer goods, agriculture, and tourism. The diversity of Italy’s economy means that it does not rely on one or few economic sectors to produce wealth. This is another reason why it differs from many third world countries.

Third world countries are underdeveloped and lack widespread prosperity. Generally, third world countries have smaller economies based on resource extraction or agriculture. Italy’s developed economy is a major reason why it is not in the third world.

3. Italy Has Country Has Advance Infrastructure

A third reason why Italy is not in the third world is because of the country’s infrastructure.

Countries in the third world lack developed infrastructure. In third world countries the infrastructure – roads, bridges, railways, airports, tele-communisation networks and utilities, are generally outdated, unreliable, and unable to provide for the effective movement of people, goods and information. The poor infrastructure in third world countries is a major reason why they are poor.

Italy has advanced infrastructure across the country. There is a widespread and well-kept road network throughout Italy. There are also rail links to almost all sizable Italian towns. Italians have constant access to the internet, phone connections, water, electricity, and gas. Italy has a number of large international and regional airports. The quality of Italy’s infrastructure is a big reason why the country is not third world.

Although many Italians would complain that their infrastructure needs updating – as it does in many developed countries. However, the quality of infrastructure in Italy is similar to that of other developed nations and is far above third world standards.

4. Italy Has A World Class Healthcare System

A further reason why Italy is not a third world country is because of the quality of its healthcare system.

Countries in the third world are impoverished. This means their governments lack the funding to support an effective healthcare system. As a result, many people in third world countries are unable to access quality healthcare. Medical provision is also often unequally distributed within third world countries, meaning people in remote and rural areas often struggle to access healthcare.

Italy has one of top healthcare systems in the world. Italian people all over the country are able to access good quality healthcare when they need it. The system is also often free and supported by a social security system.

The child mortality rate in Italy is 2.9 deaths per thousand births. In many third world countries it is around 37. This shows the quality of Italy’s healthcare system and highlights that it is not a third world country.

Italy has one of the longest life expectancies in the world, at 83.2 years. This also contrasts to many third world countries where it is often below 65. This again shows how Italy is not a country in the third world.

5. The Country Has A Strong Education System

The strength of Italy’s education system is another reason why it is not a third world country.

As well as being unable to fund quality healthcare systems, third world countries also lack the resources to provide an education to all their children and young people. In many third world countries, large numbers of children, especially in rural and remote areas, do not have access to education. In third world countries there is also often a lack of quality education for the children who do manage to obtain schooling.

Italy has one of the strongest education systems in the world. All children in Italy have access to free education from the age of six up to sixteen. Italy also has a range of top universities, including the University of Bologna, Sapienza University of Rome and Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, which rank among the top universities in the world.

The strength of the Italian education system, as well as the fact that almost all children in Italy are able to access the schooling they need, is a major reason why Italy is not a third world country.

6. Italy Is A Democracy

Another reason why Italy is not in the third world is because it is a democracy.

Third world countries generally lack democratic systems of government. Although some countries in the third world can be classed floored democracies, almost all third world countries lack fully accountable governments. Third world countries are often plagued with coups, illegal seizers of power and elections that are tampered with. The lack of transparency in the government institutions across the third world is a key reason that the countries are impoverished.

Italy has been a strong democracy since 1946. Italians vote regularly in elections at both local and national level. The government in Italy is held to account by the population. Government institutions in the country are generally transparent and work in the interests of the people. The rule of law is also respected in Italy. The accountability of Italy’s government is a key reason why it is not a third world country.

Although Italy does have some issues with corruption, the levels of are far from that found in third world countries. This is another reason why Italy is not a third world nation.

7. Italy Is A Stable Country

A final reason why Italy is not a third world country is because of its stability.

Third countries are prone to periods of instability. Political and economic crises are common. Many third world countries lack the resources and strong institutions needed to avert crises. Third world countries are also often prone to humanitarian disasters and conflicts. Countries in the third world are often plagued by foreign interference and lack the capabilities needed to deter foreign aggression.

Italy is stable country by global standards. Although Italian politics can fractious and divisive, and political disagreements and protests occur, the general operation of the Italian state is not affected by these. Italy is able to resolve its internal differences through dialogue and the country is not at risk of falling into conflict.

Although Italy does experience disasters, such as earthquakes, the country is well prepared and able to respond to disasters when they hit. Italy rarely calls for external assistance to help with disaster responses.

As a state, Italy is stable and not at risk of collapse. It is able to meet the challenges it faces and provide a generally safe and predictable environment for people to live and do business. The stability of Italy is a major reason why it is not a third world country.

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