7 Ways America Is Better Than Britain

The United Kingdom and the United States are perhaps too of the closest linked countries in the world. Not only do they share close historical ties, but they also share a language and in many ways a culture and set of ideals. However, actually these two countries are very different. On top of that, in fact there are many ways that America is actually better than Britain. Let us explain how…

1. America Is Richer Than Britain

A first reason why America is better than Britain is because it is richer.

The United States is one of the richest countries in the world. The per capita income of the US is 70,480 USD – this is essentially how much the average American makes in a year. Wages are high in the US. This means Americans are, in general, able to work good jobs and receive a salary that allows them to cover their basic needs as well as have additional income for things they enjoy.

In contrast, Britain is much poorer than America. Although the UK is definitely a wealthy nation, it is not as prosperous as the United States. The per capita income in the UK is 46,510 USD. This is significantly lower than in America. Many Britain’s can still afford to live decent quality lives; however, a larger proportion of the population are on lower incomes than Americans and more struggle to have a high standard of living.

The fact that Americans are significantly better off on average is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why the US is better than the UK.

2. The US Has A Larger Economy Than The UK

A second reason why the United States is better than Britain is because it has a larger economy.

America is by far the largest economy in the world. With a total GDP of 23.32 trillion USD, America makes up around 20% of the total global economy. Having a large economy provides many benefits to Americans. Good jobs are easier to get and businesses are more likely to succeed. America is also less dependent on other nations for it’s economic success and can better withstand global economic turmoil.

Britain, in comparison, is a much smaller economy than the United States. As the sixth largest, Britain is still a significant economy. However, with a total GDP of 3.13 trillion USD, the US economy is over seven times larger than Britain’s. The UK economy is also less dynamic than America’s, with generally less innovation and expansion. Productively is stubbornly low in the United Kingdom and this also makes the British economy much weaker.

Having a larger economy provides America with a range of advantages. It is also one reason why it is better than the UK.

3. The US Has More Global Influence Than Britain

A third reason why America is better than Britain is because it has more global influence.

America is arguably the most influential country in the world. The United States is able to use its global influence to direct world events, as well as to ensure its strategic interests are protected. America is able to use it’s influence in global bodies such as the UN and NATO. It also uses its embassies around the world to actively engage in diplomatic efforts. Many countries in the world actively seek to become American allies and this further adds to the country’s global influence.

For a country of its size, the UK also has a significant degree of global influence. However, its ability to affect global events and build alliances with other nations is minor compared to the US. Britain is active in international organizations, and has a large network of embassies, but it lacks the clout to direct world affairs in ways that ensure its interests are protected.

The United Kingdom likes to believe it is an influential country on the world stage – and in many ways it is. However, America is truly a global nation and has a range of advantages. It is also why it is better than the UK.

4. America Has A Much Stronger Military Than The UK

Another reason why the United States is better than the UK is because it has a much stronger military.

America has by far the most powerful armed forces in the world. With over one million soldiers, plus significant numbers of tanks, combat aircraft and warships, the US has one of the largest militaries on earth. On top of this, the American military is the most technologically advanced, meaning it has access to military innovations and equipment far beyond what any other nation can deploy.

Britain has a relatively small armed forces. In fact, in recent years the UK has further shrunk its military. The British army also lacks operational independence, and essentially now acts as an extension of the US military. The British army must almost always fight alongside the Americans in order to maintain its equipment and resupply. Britain can no longer be considered a significant military power.

The fact that America almost certainly has the best military in the world, and the United Kingdom has lost its reputation as a major global military nation, is one demonstration of why America is better than Britain.

5. American Culture Is Consumed More Widely Than British

One way that the America is better than Britain is because of how widely its culture is consumed.

American culture dominates globally. Entertainment from the US, including movies, TV shows and music, have a worldwide audience. American celebrities, food, journalists and authors are all also widely followed and enjoyed. Many people decry the prevalence of American culture around the world. However, the fact that so many people globally feel connected to the US through its culture is a major benefit for America.

Britain simply doesn’t have the cultural reach America has. Sure, there are definitely those around the world who enjoy British culture, including music, TV and cinema. However, Britain lacks the cultural connection to huge swathes of the world that America has. There may be aficionados of British culture in many places, but it is simply not as widely consumed as American entertainment.

The cultural promotion of a country through entertainment and popular culture is a key tool of soft power. The connections people have with a country through its culture helps people around the world to have a positive impression of that nation and their people. American cultural dominance gives the country major advantages that Britain lacks. This is why the United States is better than the United Kingdom.

6. The US Economy Is Liberal Than Britain’s

A further reason why America is better than the United Kingdom is because of the liberalism built into the US economy.

America is often referred to as the home of the free market. A free market economic system is one where individuals and businesses are provided maximum freedom to undertake economic endeavors. This means there is minimal involvement of the state in the economy, and regulations are minimized in order the maximise economic freedom. America’s free market economy makes it easier to start a business, invest, grow wealthy, get a job and employ others.

Britain also has a free market economy. With that said, the economy of the UK has much greater regulation than the in the US. Some see this as an advantage; however, it also means that the UK economy grows slower, is less dynamic and businesses and investors are less attracted to Britain.

It is simply harder to become prosperous in the UK than in America and many see this as one way that the United States is better than Britain.

7. American People Are More Open And Friendly Than British

A final way that America is better than Britain is because, generally, people in the US are more friendly.

This is an often-stated reason for why the US is better than the UK – it may be only anecdotal, but many people just feel that Americans are more open and friendly. The US has a culture of conversing with others, including strangers. Many communities in America are also tight-knit, and there are areas of the US where traditional values are more closely held. America also has a culture of customer service that many people highly admire.

The United Kingdom is a more closed society in many ways. British people tend to keep themselves to themselves and take more time to warm to strangers. The stereotype that British people are polite is certainty true, but this politeness often masks a distain and coldness between people in the UK, and with foreigners. Don’t misunderstand, British people can be very friendly and enjoy others company. However, many people will say that the British are just not as warm and engaging as American’s are, especially at first.

There are many cultural differences between the Britain and US. The friendliness of Americans is often cited as one way the country is better than the United Kingdom.

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