7 Ways America Is Better Than Mexico

America and Mexico are closely intertwined. Not only do they share a nearly 2,000-mile border, but they also share deep cultural, historical, economic and political ties. With that said, the United States and Mexico are extremely different countries. Both obviously have their advantages, but if looked at objectively, it’s clear that the United States is a more successful country. But why? What makes the US better than Mexico? Well, read on…

1. America Is Much Richer Than Mexico

A first reason why America is better than Mexico is because it is much richer.

The United States is one of the richest countries in the world. With a per capita income of 70,480 USD, the average American is wealthy by global standards. The average wealth American people enjoy means they not only, in general, are able to ensure their basic needs, such food, housing, healthcare and education, are met, but they also have disposal income that they can spend on things they enjoy.

Mexico is far less prosperous than America, and it’s a key reason why the US is better. Mexico has a per capita income of 19,740 USD – essentially this is the amount the average Mexican earns in a year. However, nearly one in ten Mexicans live in poverty. This is a far higher proportion than in America. Although Mexico is classed as a middle-income country, it is still significantly poorer than the United States.

The fact that Americans have a much higher standard of living is one reason why the country is better than Mexico.

2. The US Has A Bigger Economy Than Mexico

A second reason why America is better than Mexico is because it has a much bigger economy,

The US is by far the largest economy in the world. With a total GDP of 23.32 trillion dollars, the US makes up around a fifth of the total world economy. Americans enjoy many advantages due the country’s enormous economy. Good jobs are easier to get, businesses are more likely to succeed and investments grow at a faster rate. Essentially, it is easier to become prosperous in America partly due to the size of its economy.

Mexico has a much smaller economy than the United States, and is a reason why America is better. With a GDP of 1.27 trillion USD, Mexico has the 15th largest economy in the world. Mexico’s economy is significant by global standards; however, it lacks the size, dynamism and inclusivity of the US economy. It is harder for people to be highly economically productive in Mexico, and this makes the country poorer.

The economy of Mexico’s may have grown impressively in recent decades. However, it will always be dwarfed by the huge size of the American economy. The fact that Mexico is likely to remain mostly economically dependent on its northern neighbor is a key reason why the United States is in a better position.

3. Mexico Is Much More Violent Than The US

A third reason why the United States is better than Mexico is because Mexico is much more violent.

Mexico has a serious problem with armed violence. In 2021, the country saw 26.6 homicides for every 100,000 people. Not only are there significant and endemic problems with organized crime – including powerful drug cartels, but Mexico also struggles with violence and petty crime. Mexico is a much more dangerous country than the United States.

Although America also struggles with violence and crime, it is a much less dangerous country than Mexico. In 2021, the US saw 7.8 homicides for every 100,000 people – significantly less by proportion than Mexico. Police in the US are also more capable, better funded and more trusted than in Mexico. It’s true many would argue there are problems with many American police forces – however, issues such as police violence and corruption are much more widespread and endemic in Mexico.

The fact that Mexico is much more dangerous than the United States, combined with better policing, is a major reason why America is better than Mexico.

4. America Is More Politically Stable Than Mexico

Another reason why the United States is better than Mexico is because it is more politically stable.

The US has been a democracy since its founding in 1776. America has an inclusive and accountable political system where the population is able to select their leaders through free and fair elections. US politicians, in general, serve the people and refrain from acting in their narrow self-interest. Although many would argue US politics is far from perfect, and the current political polarization poses major issues for the country, is cannot be denied that, by global standards, America is highly politically stable.

Over its history, Mexico has struggled to be politically stable. Throughout the 19th and early 20th century Mexico struggled with authoritarian rule. The country has long lacked a truly inclusive and accountable political class, and corruption, nepotism, foreign interference and a lack of trust in the political system means that Mexico has lacked long-term political stability.

For a country to become prosperous, it needs good governance. That fact that Mexico has struggled to maintain a stable political system, whereas America has so far retained political stability, is a major reason why the US is better than Mexico.

5. America Has Much Greater Global Influence

One reason why the United States is better than Mexico is because it has much more global influence.

The United States is, arguably, the most influential nation in the world. Its domination of the global economy, combined with its diplomatic outreach around the world means that America is often able to affect global affairs in ways that protect its own interests. The US is also highly adept at using soft power to build its global influence. American culture is consumed widely around the world, further adding to the nation’s global prestige.

Mexico lacks the global influence of the US. Although Mexico is active in diplomatic circles, and especially promotes its culture around the world, it is not able to direct and control global affairs to ensure it’s interests are protected. Mexico lacks the network of global alliances that America has and is more isolated on the world stage.

Although many would argue America uses its global influence for nefarious means, the fact that the United States is dominant on the world stage provides the country with many advantages. Mexico lacks significant global influence and this means the country is much weaker than the US.

6. Human Rights Are Better Protected In The US

A major reason why America is better than Mexico is because human rights are better protected in the US.

Mexico has long struggled to protect human rights. Violations of freedom of speech, assembly, association and the press have long been endemic problems in Mexico. Extra-judicial killings, torture by police, the disappearing of journalists and violence against peaceful protestors are all major issues in the country. Despite significant efforts, to this day Mexico has struggled to become a country where human rights are fully protected.

America has a strong record on human rights. US citizens enjoy a range of freedoms imbedded in the country’s constitution. Although the country also has a long history of discrimination and human rights abuses, it also has a history of rectifying these and moving towards ingrained and protected human rights for all.

No country has a perfect human rights record, and America certainly has issues with ensuring all its citizens can access their rights. However, the widespread human rights violations that take place in Mexico mean the country is much worse than the United States.

7. Mexico Has Much More Corruption Than America

A final reason why America is better than Mexico is because it has much less corruption.

Mexico struggles with widespread and endemic corruption. On the Corruption Perception Index, Mexico ranks as the 54th most corrupt country in the world. Issues of abuse of power, and of those in authority profiting from their positions, are widespread in Mexican politics, policing, and the legal system. Mexico has so far struggled to address its imbedded corruption issues and this is a major reason why the country is worse than America.

America has much lower rates of corruption than Mexico. On the Corruption Perception Index, the United States is ranked the 24th least corrupt country globally – significantly better than Mexico. Although it cannot be argued there is no corruption in the US, the country does not experience the political corruption Mexico does, nor are its police services or legal system affected as badly.

Corruption is a major factor that keeps countries poor. This is certainly the case for Mexico. The fact that America has much less corruption is one reason why it is a better country.

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