7 Reasons Why Britain Is Better Than America

America and Great Britain are two countries that share incredibly close historical, cultural, economic and political ties. The two nations have long been strong allies and often work together on many geo-political issues. Americans and Brits also feel a close connection with each other. However, actually Britain and the US are very different nations. We recently looked at factors that make America better than Britain… now’s it’s time to turn the tables, and see what makes the UK better than the US.

1. Britain Has Free Healthcare, America Doesn’t

A first reason why Britain is better than America is because of its healthcare system.

Britain’s healthcare system – known as the National Health Service (NHS), is almost totally free. This means anyone in Britain can access the healthcare they need, when they need it, without having to worry about the cost. It also means people do not fall into debt or have financial hardship due to medical expenses. The UK has had free healthcare since 1948. The NHS, and the ideal of free healthcare for all, is one of the thing Britain’s are most proud of.

America is well known for having an expensive healthcare system. There is no universal free healthcare in the United States. This is definitely a reason why the UK is better. Americans must either pay for their own healthcare, fund their own insurance or have insurance paid through their employer. Millions of Americans are uninsured, and huge numbers of people in US fall into poverty due to healthcare costs.

The fact that the UK has free healthcare for all is a key reason why it is better than the US.

2. There Is Much Less Gun Violence In Britain Than America

A second reason why the United Kingdom is better than the United States is because there is much less gun violence.

Britain has extremely low levels of gun crime. Firearms are illegal and tightly controlled in Britain. The UK records only around 100 firearm deaths a year. The UK does not have significant gang violence involving guns, and mass shootings essentially never happen. The United Kingdom is a much safer country than the United States due to the low levels of gun crime.

The US is famous for its gun violence epidemic. In 2020, over 19,000 murders in the US were committed with firearms. Even adjusting for the larger population, this is enormously more than the UK – a key indication of why Britain is better. Guns are available to anyone in the US, meaning criminals can easily obtain them. America also has a major problem with mass shootings, including in schools. This is a problem the UK doesn’t have – another reason why it is better.

3. Britain Has Cheaper Higher Education Than The US

A third reason why Britain is better than America is because of the lower cost of higher education.

Students from the UK pay a maximum fee of 10,200 GBP (10,800 USD) a year to study at university. This amount it capped and no universities in the country can charge more than this to domestic students. As a result, even the best universities in the country are still affordable to any student. The UK government provides loans to students to cover the costs of university fees, as well as additional loans to cover the cost of living. This means that although students in the UK do graduate with debt, the low interest rates set by the government, combined with the capped fees, means student debt is not a major problem in the UK.

Student debt is a massive problem in the US. American universities are free to charge the fees they want, meaning many charge tens of thousands of dollars a year. Although there are government loans available in the US, many students must also take bank loans in order to fund their studies. These can have huge interest rates and harsh repayment terms.

The combination of huge fees and big loans means American students can graduate hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. This just isn’t such a problem in the UK, and is one reason why many see Britain as being better than the United States.

4. The UK Less Unequal Than America

Another reason why the UK is better than America is because it is less unequal.

America is, in many ways, a highly unequal country. Many people in the United States have been able to become incredibly wealthy. However, there also huge numbers of people who live in quite extreme poverty. America is becoming an increasingly unequal society, where the benefits of America’s wealth is held by a small elite.

The United Kingdom definitely also suffers from inequality. However, the country is less unequal than the US. There are rich people in the UK, as well as poor people, but the differences are less extreme than in America. There is also not the widespread poverty in the UK that can found in the US.

Many Americans rightly highlight the issue of inequality in their country. People in Britain do too. However, the fact that inequality is lower in the UK than the US is one reason why Britain is better than America.

5. Britain Has A Much Longer History Than The US

One reason many people prefer the UK to the US is because of the country’s history.

Britain is a hugely historical society. The UK has been a contiguous nation for thousands of years. The British royal family can trace its bloodline back to around 1200 years. Throughout Britain there are manor houses and castles dating back centuries. In most British towns there is an old center full of historical buildings that are still in use – often simply as cafes or shops. The UK is steeped in history, and has many traditions that root the culture to it’s past. Many people love this about Britain.

America is a very new country, relatively speaking. The modern state of America can be traced back to the early pilgrims who came over from Europe and settled in the 15th Century. The actual nation of the United States was only founded in 1776 – less than 250 years ago. The US simply doesn’t have the long history that Britain has. There are less historical sites to see, and the ones there are, are much less old that those in the UK.

The fascinating and long history of Britain is one of the country’s best aspects. Although the US has an interesting history, it simply isn’t as old as the UK. For many people, this is a factor that makes Britain better.

6. The UK Less Militaristic Than The US

A further reason why Britain is better than the United States is because it is less militaristic.

America has one of the largest and most powerful armies in the world. With over 1.3 million service personnel, the US armed forces are enormous. America also projects its military power, with bases all around the world. The US spends enormous sums on its military – money that could be spent on improving public services. America also has a long history of foreign military interventions, including many that have had disastrous consequences.

The UK has a tiny military compared to America – with less than 80,000 personnel. The UK has a formidable fighting force, but spends much less on its military than America does. It’s true Britain has been involved militarily abroad in recent decades, often alongside the US, but the UK does not have same history of continuous foreign military engagements. The United Kingdom is able to spend more on public services because it spends less on it’s military.

Many people dislike America’s militarism. The UK’s armed forces are much less prominent, both at home and abroad. For many this is a reason why Britain is better than America.

7. Britain Has A Better Welfare State Than America

A final reason why Britain is better than America is because of its welfare state.

Britain has an adequate welfare system. Generally, poor people in the UK receive a degree of assistance from the state. This can include unemployment allowance for when they are out of work, as well as housing benefits for those that cant afford decent homes. People with disabilities also receive financial assistance in Britain. Child benefit is paid to families on low incomes. On top of this, as we’ve discussed, healthcare is free, as is education up to the age of eighteen. Higher education is subsidized, keeping the costs reasonable.

In the United States, the welfare state is much more limited than in the UK. A higher proportion of people in America live in poverty. There is much less financial support to those on low incomes, or unable to find work. America’s healthcare system also means many people fall into destitution covering medical costs. There is also less assistance to those suffering mental illness.

Many people think the UK is better than America because of it’s long-standing and more encompassing welfare system.

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