9 Reasons Why Germany Definitely Isn’t Boring

Nearly 40 million people visit Germany each year. Many people have a fantastic holiday in Germany. However, the country and its people do have a reputation for being very proper and organized. In fact, some people would go as far as to say Germany is boring. This is unfair, and untrue! …and let us explain why…

1. Germany Has Amazing Food

A first reason why Germany isn’t boring is because the country has amazing food.

Ok, Germany may not be renowned for its cuisine, especially compared to some other European countries. However, across Germany there is actually incredible food. Dishes such as rouladen, schnitzel and even currywurst can compete with some of the best loved, and most delicious foods in Europe.

Germany has a long history of culinary excellence. There are many artisan food producers in Germany and across the country restaurants take the sourcing of their ingredients very seriously. This means in Germany there are many great places to eat, from high-end restaurants to small local cafes.

The amazing food that can be found across Germany is one big reason why the country is definitely not boring.

2. Germany Has Some Of Best Beer In The World

A second reason why Germany is not boring is because it has some of the world’s best beer.

Germany may not be known for its food, but it is definitely known for its beer. The country is renowned for its high quality beer production. German beer styles, such as lager, pilsner and hells, are reproduced all over the world. In Germany, there are over 1,300 breweries – from huge famous beer producers such as Augustiner and Erdinger, to small local artisan breweries. If you’re into beer – Germany is definitely not a boring country.

Across Germany there is amazing and unique beer cultures. In Cologne, beer is served in tiny glasses and is called kolsh. Munich is well-known for its beer halls and its huge stein beer glasses. The Oktoberfest beer festival is arguably the most famous in the world. It’s even replicated in many other countries.

German beer, and German beer culture, is some of the best, and most fun there is. Clearly this means Germany is not a boring country.

3. There Is Incredible Art To See In Germany

A third reason why Germany is not boring is because there is so much incredible art to see in the country.

Germany has a long history of producing incredible visual artists. Historically, painters such as Albrecht Dürer, Franz Marc, and Caspar David Friedrich made some of the most incredible artworks, many of which can still be seen in German galleries. Germany is also famous for its modern art, with the likes of Gerhard Richter and Andreas Gursky producing some of the most well-known works of modern art.

On a visit to Germany, you can visit some of the best art galleries in the world. The Gemäldegalerie in Berlin is known for its classical art, whereas Hamburger Bahnhof is the city’s world-famous modern art gallery. Outside the capital, in Munich the Pinakothek der Moderne and in Hamburg the Hamburger Kunsthalle are also known as some of the top art galleries in Europe, if not the world.

The amazing art galleries you can visit, and the incredible art you can see there, is one of the top reasons why Germany is not boring.

4. Germany Has A Fascinating History

Another reason why Germany is not boring is because of the country’s history.

Almost everyone knows the 20th Century history of Germany – from the Kaiser and World War One, to the Nazi’s and World War Two, through to the country being split between communist east and capitalist west to reunification in 1990s. For so many people around the world this history is fascinating, and there are so much historical sites to see in Germany related to these periods.

…with that said, German history before the 20th Century is also really interesting. From medieval castles to Prussian forts, there are amazing historical places to visit across Germany. Visiting Germany is a must for anyone interested in history.

The fascinating, although sometimes dark, history of Germany is a definite reason why the country is not boring.

5. You Can Listen To Incredible Music In Germany

One reason why Germany is definitely not boring is because of the incredible music coming out of the country.

Germany is renowned around the world for its music. Artists such as Sarah Connor, Herbert Grönemeyer and the metal band Rammstein have fans all around the world. German artists have pioneered styles such as heavy metal and electronic music. Going back decades, German groups such as Kraftwerk and Nico have topped the charts. Live music in Germany is amazing and there are venues, big and small, across the country.

As well as amazing contemporary music, Germany has a long history of classical music as well. German composers such as Beethoven and Bach transformed music and are still revered as some of the best writers of classical music to this day. On a visit to Germany its possible to attend classical concerts in amazing venues and hear this music played by top musicians.

The combination of amazing modern music, combined with the country’s long classical music tradition, ensures Germany is not a boring country.

6. Germany Has World Leading Museums

A big reason why Germany is not boring is because it has some of the best museums in the world.

In Berlin – Germany’s capital, there are a huge range of world-class museums. The Neues Museum, Bode Museum, and Alte Nationalgalerie each gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Even smaller museums in the city such as the DDR and Stasi Museums have amazing exhibits and allow people to explore the history and culture of Germany.

Outside of Berlin, there are still amazing museums to see in Germany. In Frankfurt, there is the Städel Museum, in Stutgurt there is the Porsche Museum and in Nuremburg there is the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, just to name a few. There are museums across Germany showcasing history, art, monuments, castles, and stately homes. There is no limit to the number of amazing museums in Germany.

The fact that Germany has so many top museums spread around the country is a clear indication it is not a boring place.

7. There Are Great Cities Across Germany

A further reason why Germany is not boring is because of all the great cities the country has.

Across Germany there are amazing towns and cities. Berlin, the capital, is famous for its history, as well as its thriving art, food and culture scene. It’s also known as the one of the best cities in the world for nightlife.

As well as Berlin, German cities such as Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart all have amazing things to do. From beer gardens to art festivals, and from beautiful architecture to concerts, Germany has some of the most interesting cities in Europe. There are also many small towns across Germany to explore, each with their own unique character.

The range of different towns and cities across Germany means the country is far from boring.

8. Germany Has Many Varied Landscapes

Perhaps a lesser know reason why Germany is not boring is because of the country’s landscapes.

Germany has amazing scenery. From the Black Forest to the Bavarian Alps, and from the Rhine River to North Sea coast, Germany is a stunningly beautiful country. For anyone interested in nature, Germany is a fantastic destination.

The differences in the landscapes across Germany make it a great country. The fact that it is easy to travel from mountains to the sea by train, or that you can take a cruise down one of the country’s amazing rivers, stopping off along the way, makes Germany a fantastic country to visit.

Germany may not be as famous for its landscapes as some other countries in Europe, but in fact the beauty of Germany is one reason why the country is for sure not boring.

9 Germany Is An Incredibly Diverse Nation

A final reason why Germany is definitely not a boring country is because of its incredible diversity.

Germany is far from being a monolithic country. Across the nation there are diversities in people, food, religions, and cultural practices. Even the beer is different in different parts of the country. The diversity of Germany makes it an amazing country to explore.

There are many different types of people in Germany. As well as ethnic Germans, there are also large Turkish, Syrians and Serb communities across the country. This means there is even more great food, art, music and culture to explore in Germany.

Germany is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. This is a major reason why it is not boring.

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