6 Reasons Why Germans Are So Smart

Ask someone to list stereotypes of the German’s and they’ll often say organised, hard-working, and punctual. Many will also say intelligent. The German’s have a reputation for being smart, engaged and well educated. But why is this? Why are German people generally so smart? Let us explain…

1. Germany Has One Of The Best Education Systems In The World

A first reason why Germans are so smart is because of the quality of the country’s education system.

Germany has one of the best education systems in the world. All children in Germany go to school from ages six to eighteen. Education is free in Germany. Children in Germany receive high-quality elementary and secondary schooling. The widespread access to quality education from a young age is a major reason why Germans are smart.

As well as quality elementary and secondary education, German people have access to some of the best universities in the world. Nearly 30% of Germans have degrees. This makes them among the most highly educated population in the world. This is another key reason why German people are intelligent.

The education sector in Germany is well-funded. There are also a wide range of courses students can choose from and doing well at school is valued in German society. Educational attainment has a long history in Germany and the society’s focus on quality education is one reasons why German people are often so smart.

2. The Germans Focus On Innovation

A second reason why German people are so smart is because of the country’s focus on innovation.

Germany has a large manufacturing sector. Major international brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Adidas, Aldi, and T-Mobile all come from Germany. The country prides itself in innovating and developing new technologies and manufactured goods. This focus on creating new things and pushing technological boundaries is a big reason why German people are intelligent.

Intelligence and innovation go together. As people become smarter, they are better able to solve problems and find solutions to technological issues. A societal focus on innovation and technological improvements also makes people smarter. This is because people see value in learning new techniques and there is economic reward in solving problems and creating new innovations.

Germany is famous around the world for its innovations. The intelligence of German people is a key reason why the country is able to focus so heavily on developing new technologies. However, the country’s focus on innovation is also a key reason why German people are smart.

3. History Of Intellectual Art And Culture

A third reason why Germans are so smart is because of the country’s history of art and culture.

Germanic culture goes back thousands of years. Throughout the country’s history there have been many famous artists and thinkers to come out of Germany. Figures such as Mozart, Bach, Albert Einstein, and Friedrich Nietzsche are all German, just to name a few. German society holds figures such of these in high regard. The history of artistic expression and scientific discovery in Germany is a major reason why Germans are smart today.

As well as having a history of producing great artists and thinkers, modern German society encourages the discovery, access, and critiquing of the country’s artistic, culture and scientific outputs. German children learn about the country’s intellectual tradition in school. Museums, art galleries, concert halls and theatres are present throughout Germany and often receive state funding. People in Germany are encouraged to seek out intellectual art and culture and this creates a society that is engaged and intelligent.

A major reason why German people are so smart is because of the country’s history of intellectual culture, combined with successful programmes to promote the country’s arts and sciences.

4. There’s A Focus On Technical Training And Education

Another reason why German people are generally intelligent is because of the country’s focus on technical training and education.

Many countries put a focus on academic education – subjects such as science, maths, and languages. However, as well as having an educational focus in classic academic areas, Germany also puts a strong entheses on technical education. Areas such as engineering, manufacturing, design, and computing are all key parts of the German education system. This breadth of learning is another reason why German people are so smart.

As well as a focus on technical skills within the education system of Germany, the economy of the country is also geared towards people who have technical knowledge. Jobs in areas such as manufacturing, automobiles, engineering, and computer sciences are well-paid and respected positions in Germany. This differs from many other countries and is a reason why Germans can be very intelligent.

German society holds technical skills in high regard. Many people in Germany move away from academic subjects during their education and learn more technical subjects. Technical jobs in Germany are highly paid and are sort-out positions. The combination of all these factors makes German people especially smart.

5. Germany Has A Well-Functioning Economy

A further reason why German people can be very smart is because the country has a well-functioning economy.

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world. It is also a wealthy country, with a per capita income of 55,220 USD. Both of these factors are actually key to why German people are so smart.

The efficiency and dynamism of the German economy means that people with education and skills can get goods jobs in sectors of the economy where their knowledge is needed. It also means that people are incentivised to learn new skills and gain a good education as there are financial and material rewards for doing so. The inclusivity of the Germany economy also means that people are able to start businesses, take risks and reap rewards from their work. These are additional reasons why German people are incentivised to become educated and intelligent.

As a wealthy county, people in Germany have significant amount of disposable income. This means they can spend money on activities they enjoy, as well as education, learning, arts, sports, and culture. This further adds to why German people are smart.

The wealth of Germany also means the state raises significant sums in tax revenue, which it can then invest in quality education and the promotion of learning. This is also a reason why German people are generally intelligent.

6. German Society Values Intelligence

A final reason why German people are so smart is because German society values intelligence.

In Germany, children are encouraged to become educated and do well at school. Outside of formal academic education, other types of learning and intelligence are also encouraged. Sports, games, music, film, theatre, and food are all key parts of German society. Gaining an understanding and appreciation of areas such as these is also encouraged within Germany.

Another reason why the German’s are generally smart is because intelligence is rewarded within German society. In Germany there are good jobs available, so people are encouraged to learn and gain skills and qualifications. There are many opportunities in Germany for people with intelligence and this creates an outlet for intellectual pursuits.

In Germany, intelligent people are generally respected and being educated is seen as a good thing to be. This has created a culture where people of all ages feel able to engage with intellectual activities, which in-turn means there is a range of art, culture, science, and sports that people can engage with. This is a key reason why German’s are often very smart.


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