6 Reasons Why Germany Is Better Than Spain

Germany and Spain are two of the most important countries in Europe. Both are wealthy nations that play a major role in the European, as well the global, economy. However, Germany and Spain are actually quite different countries, especially culturally. It’s always hard to compare two nations exactly, but it must be said there are some ways that Germany is actually better than Spain. Let us explain…

1. Germany Has A Larger Economy Than Spain

A first reason why Germany is better than Spain is because it has a larger economy.

Germany’s GDP is 4.26 trillion USD. A country’s GDP is the total value of the goods and services it produces. Germany has the fourth largest GDP in the world. This means that the country has a highly diverse and advanced economy. It also means German industry is strong and the country has a range of significant value-add enterprises.

Spain also has a major economy; however it is not as large as Germany’s. This is one way that Germany is better. Spain has a GDP of 1.42 trillion dollars. This makes it the 15th biggest economy in the world. Spain is a developed nation with a diverse and inclusive economy. However, its economic range and the level of industry is not as significant as Germany’s. Spain does not have the same value-add in its economy and relies more heavily on less advanced industries.

As we said, Spain is still one of the largest economies in the world, it just isn’t as big as Germany. This one reason why Germany could be said to be better.

2. Germans Are Richer Than The Spanish

A second reason why Germany is better than Spain is because German people are, on average, richer.

Germany has a per capita income of 59,630 USD. This is the average amount a German person earns in a year. Germany has the 19th highest per capita income in the world. The country’s high per capita income means that the average German has a high-skilled job that pays well. The poverty rate in Germany is also low, with 16% percent of Germans classed as living in destitution.

Spain is also a wealthy nation; however the average Spaniard is not as rich as the average German. This is one way that Germany is better than Spain. The country has a per capita income of 40,910, giving it the 36th highest per capita income globally. This makes Spain a fully developed nation where people generally earn a good wage. It is just that, in general, Germans are still better off. Spain also has a higher poverty rate than Germany, with 21% percent of Spaniards living in destitution. This is another way that Germany is better than Spain.

3. Germany Donates More In International Aid Than Spain

A third reason why Germany is better than Spain is because it donates more in international aid.

Germany is one of the largest donor countries for overseas development. In 2022, Germany gave 35 billion dollars to help end poverty around the world, as well as assist people affected by conflicts, disasters and crises. Germany’s two main donor agencies, GFFO and BMZ, allocate large grants to international NGOs, local organizations and UN agencies to help people in need in poorer countries.

Spain donates less in international aid than Germany. This could be seen as one way that Germany is better than Spain. In 2022, Spain’s contribution to global development was 700 million EUR. Spain is still a significant aid donor, but does not put as much enthesis on humanitarian and development funding as Germany does.

4. Germany Has Better Infrastructure Than Spain

Another reason why Germany is better than Spain is because Germany has better infrastructure.

Germany is renowned for having some of the best infrastructure in the world. The famous Autobahns connect major German cities, and the countries ICE high-speed train network also transports Germans around their country. Germany is known for investing heavily in its power grid, focusing on renewable energies, as well as its airports, utilities and tele-communication networks.

Spain also has good infrastructure. However, you could argue it is not quite as good as Germany’s, and this thus makes Germany better. Spain does have an extensive road and rail network, as well as good utilities and tele-communications. With that said, investments in infrastructure in Spain has lagged in recent decades and the country’s infrastructure is now showing signs of needing modernization.

Both Spain and Germany have first world and developed infrastructure. It’s just that Germany’s is some of the best globally. This is a factor to consider when asking why Germany is better than Spain.

5. Germany Has A Greater International Presence Than Spain

One reason why Germany is better than Spain is because it has a greater international presence.

In recent decades Germany has harnessed soft power effectively. Germany uses diplomacy, cultural promotion, trade and international development to ensure other countries view it favourably. There is a large network of German embassies around the world – 153 in total. Germany is also highly active in international bodies such as NATO and the UN.

Spain is also an important diplomatic player. With that said, Spain does not have the global reach that Germany does. Spain does not use soft power on the world stage to the extent Germany has mastered, and with only 125 embassies globally, has a small diplomatic footprint. For many, these factors would be a reason why Germany is better than Spain.

6. Germany Is More Industrial Than Spain

A final reason why Germany is better than Spain is because it is more industrialized.

Germany has one of the most advanced economies in the world. The country is famous for making high-tech goods including cars, computers, and entrainment systems, as well as many classic household goods. Germany also has a highly advanced defense sector. German industry is efficient and well-funded. It also focuses heavily on research and development, ensuring that Germany can continue to be a major global manufacturing hub.

Spain has a less industrial economy than Germany. Although Spain does produce a range of higher-tech products, its economy also relies more heavily on lower value-add sectors such as agriculture. Some would say that Germany’s increased industrialization compared to Spain is one factor making it better.

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