7 Reasons Why New Zealand Is Important

New Zealand is a comparatively small island nation located in the south Pacific. The country is really quite isolated, being over 4,000 kilometers from its nearest large neighbors – Australia. New Zealand also has a small population. In fact, there are many reasons why New Zealand should not be a major global player, but actually it is. In fact, many would argue that New Zealand is a highly important country. We agree, and here’s why…

1. New Zealand Has An Impressive Economy

A first reason why New Zealand is important is because of the country’s impressive economy.

New Zealand has a GDP of 249 billion dollars. This is high for a country of its size. In fact, New Zealand has the 52nd highest GDP in the world, which considering the country only has a population of just over five million people – making it the 75th least populated nation in the world, is actually a major reason why New Zealand is important.

New Zealand’s impressive economy marks the country out as important. The New Zealand economy is not only strong, but it is also highly diversified. Key economic sectors such as agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining and tourism contribute to New Zealand’s economy. The country has avoided the trap of over-reliance on only a few economic sectors, and has created a highly dynamic and efficient economy. This has made the country prosperous, as well as highly important globally.

2. New Zealand Is A Wealthy Nation

A second reason why New Zealand is important is because it is such as rich nation.

New Zealand has a per capita income of 45,440 USD. This is essentially the average amount an New Zealand citizen earns in a year. New Zealand actually has the 21st highest per capita income globally. Again, highly impressive for a small nation that is relatively isolated from the rest of the world. This is a major reason why the country is so important.

People in New Zealand generally live good quality lives. They work high-skilled jobs and are paid well by global standards. The majority of people in New Zealand earn enough to ensure their basic needs are covered, and have income left over to spend on things they enjoy.

The fact that New Zealand is a wealthy country where people have a high standard of living is one reason why it’s important.

3. The Country Has A Diverse Culture

A third reason why New Zealand is important is because of its diverse culture.

Before the arrival of European settlers in the early 19th Century, New Zealand had a strong indigenous culture maintained by the island’s Māori communities. When Europeans began settling on the islands, they introduced many aspects of Western culture. For much of New Zealand’s history, sadly the islands Māori culture remained on the fringes. However, in recent years New Zealand has better embraced its indigenous roots and now Māori culture is playing not only a bigger role in New Zealand, but is also key to how the country promotes itself overseas.

Modern New Zealand manages to be a more inclusive and culturally diverse nation, where European and Māori  cultures are both respected and protected. New Zealand’s ability to create a truly mixed culture, when so many other nations have not, is a big reason why it’s important.

4. New Zealand Is A Strong Democracy

Another reason why New Zealand is important is because of its democracy.

New Zealand has a long democratic tradition. The country’s parliamentary system is modelled after the British, with King Charles being the Head of State. New Zealand has a vibrant and lively democracy, with political parties competing to win seats in the country’s parliament.

There are regular free and fair elections in New Zealand, and politicians are held to account. The country has strong rule of law, a free press and an independent judiciary. All these factors combined are actually a key reason why New Zealand is a prosperous country. They are also factors for why New Zealand is important.

New Zealand’s strong democracy acts as a model for many other nations in the Asia-Pacific reason. This is another reason for why New Zealand is important.

5. The Country Is Stunningly Beautiful

One reason why New Zealand is important is because of the country is so beautiful.

New Zealand is world famous for its incredible landscapes. Across the country there are amazing mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, ravines and plains. Millions of people each year travel to New Zealand in order to explore the country’s beautiful vistas. Many would say that New Zealand’s landscapes are a big reason why the country is so important.

Many people around the world were introduced to New Zealand’s natural beauty through the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. All six films across both trilogies were filmed in New Zealand, and fully utilised the country’s incredible landscapes throughout. On the back of these films, New Zealand has developed a strong film industry that especially focuses on using the country’s highly unique rural areas as backdrops.

So many people around the world know New Zealand because of its natural beauty. Its also one reason why the country is important.

6. New Zealand Has A Strong Network Of Alliances

A further reason why New Zealand is important is because of its strong network of alliances.

Internationally, New Zealand is considered an integral part of the Western world. The country is allied to the US, as well as UK and European Union. New Zealand also has very close links with Australia. New Zealand has strong ties with other democracies in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan and South Korea. The country’s alliance network is one reason why it’s seen as significant.

New Zealand plays an active role throughout Oceania, often providing significant sums in humanitarian and development assistance to smaller and poorer Pacific nations. This adds to New Zealand’s importance.

Diplomatically New Zealand is active in international bodies such as the United Nations, where it often works to promote democracy, human rights and climate change action. For many, New Zealand is a key advocate on vital global issues.

7. New Zealand Has A Fascinating History

A final reason why New Zealand is an important country is because of its fascinating history.

There is recorded history on the islands of New Zealand dating back thousands of years. There have been waves of migration to the islands throughout its history, including from across Polynesia and from around the world. New Zealand’s domestic history is well recorded and there are many sites across the country that people can visit. This adds to why the nation is significant.

New Zealand participated in both the First and Second World Wars, with New Zealand soldiers often fighting with gallantry. The impact both these conflicts had on the nation is still keenly felt, and New Zealand’s war history is also well preserved.

The recent history of New Zealand has been of a move to greater inclusivity, peacefulness and economic growth. Many see New Zealand as a nation to model, and this makes it important.

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