7 Factors That Make A Country Strong

Everyone knows there are strong and weak countries. Powerful countries have enormous global influence. There role in the world is projected to almost all corners and people feel the effects of the decisions they take. Weak nations are often ignored on the global stage, and struggle to protect their economic and security interests. But what makes a country strong? What factors are key to the strength of a nation? Well… let us explain…

1. Strong Countries Have Large Economies

A first factor that makes a country strong is having a large economy.

A country’s economy is the total financial and material outputs that the country produces. Essentially, the bigger a country’s economy, the richer it is. Having a large economy makes a country powerful because it provides more resources that the country can utilise.

The world’s five largest economies – the United States, China, Japan, Germany, and India are all major global powers. Other strong countries, such as France, the United Kingdom and Italy, also have large economies. It’s clear that being a major economic power is key to a country’s strength.

Having a large economy means a country has the resources to fund aspects that increase its power. Strong militaries, global businesses, promoting a country’s culture abroad and utilizing soft power all cost significant sums. Countries with large economies have the revenue to fund areas such as these and this further adds to their strength.

Countries with large economies are able to provide a decent standard of living for their citizens. This makes their people happier and more productive. It also makes the country more stable, as people are more invested in the status que. This is a further reason why having a big economy makes a country stronger.

2. Having A Big Population Makes A Country Powerful

A second factor that makes a country strong is having a large population.

Generally, the most powerful countries in the world have many people. China, India, United States, Indonesia, and Pakistan, Nigeria and Brazil all have populations over two hundred million. Other major global powers, including Egypt, Japan, and Russia, also have large populations. It’s clear that having more people adds to a country’s strength.

Having a large population makes a country strong for several reasons. Firstly, it simply provides more people to be economically productive – set-up and run successful business, develop new technologies and study in new emerging areas – all factors that make a country more powerful. Secondly, having a large population means a country can have a bigger and more powerful armed forces. Thirdly, having more people means a country can better project it’s itself internationally – there are more people to engage with foreign endeavors.

Not every country in the world that is strong has a huge population. However, every country in the world with a very large population is a global power. This shows that having a lot of people is a key factor that makes a country strong.

3. Being Geographically Large Adds To A Country’s Strength

A third thing that makes a country strong is being geographically large.

Many of the most powerful countries in the world are also the biggest. Russia, Canada, China, the United States and Brazil are the top five largest countries by geographic areas – they are also major global powers. Even countries that would be considered ‘middle powers’ but are large geographically are seen as strong countries – think Australia, Brazil, and India. It’s clear that nations that cover large geographical areas are stronger as a result.

There are many reasons why being large geographically makes a country strong. These include having more resources at the nation’s disposal, being easier to defend militarily, and often having a larger population and economy. Being a large country also makes a nation dominant in its region – further adding to its strength.

Like with having a large population – not every global power is large geographically, however all the countries that do cover huge areas are considered strong countries. It is harder for smaller nations to be seen as major powers on the world stage.

4. A Large And Powerful Military Is Vital For A Strong Country

Another major factor that makes a country strong is having a powerful military.

The countries with the largest militaries in the world include North Korea, China, and Russia. These are also considered to be strong countries. However, even smaller countries that have large armed forces, including India, the United States and Vietnam, are considered to be powerful simply by the fact they have a large standing army. Having a large and well-equipped military is a key thing that makes a country strong.

Countries with powerful armed forces are strong for several reasons. One is that they are harder to attack. This gives the country strength as it provides it stability. Another reason why having a large armed forces makes a country strong is because it can attack other nations and defeat them. This ability to threaten other nations add significantly to a countries global power.

Being able to successfully defend itself from attack, as well as being able to win wars against other nations, is one of the oldest, and most obvious, things that makes a country strong.

5. Strong Countries Have International Alliances

A further thing that makes a country strong is having a network of international alliances.

In the modern, globalised world, countries need to work together. Trade and defence, as well as economic, academic, and cultural links, all depend on nations cooperating with others to forward their mutual interests. Being able to work with other countries, especially major global powers, is a key factor that makes a country strong.

Many strong countries have formal alliances. NATO, the European Union, the CSTO and African Union are all examples of formal alliances between nations. These alliances improve national defence, boast economic integration, create deeper culture ties, and improve how nations cooperate. All countries become stronger by being members of formal alliances such as these.

As well as formal alliances, many powerful nations also have a looser network of countries that they work with. The United States, for example, is not in a formal alliance with Taiwan. However, the countries have close economic and defense ties, which improves their mutual security and provides a boost to both their economies.

It is clear that having strong alliances, both formal and informal, is an important factor that makes a country strong.

6. Understanding Soft Power Makes A Country Strong

One important thing that makes a country strong is being able to effectively use soft power.

Soft power is how nation influences global affairs through cooperation, rather than coercion. Strong countries are able to use soft power to forward their economic, security and strategic interests without having to resort to force.  It’s a major way that countries project their power.

There are many aspects to soft power international relations. Soft power can include everything from promoting a nations culture abroad to providing international humanitarian aid. Creating a good image for a country around the world is also one way that nations build strength by using soft power.

For a country to be truly powerful, it needs to harness soft power. Although hard power – military might and forcing other countries to act, can be effective, it is not a long-term solution for a country to ensure its interests are met. Strong countries use soft power effectively to co-opt others to meet their interests.

7. Strong Countries Are Active In Global Diplomacy

Diplomacy is the managing of international relations. It is how countries officially communicate, build ties, form alliances and work together.

One way that strong countries exercise their power through diplomacy is the establishment of foreign embassies. A countries embassy is its official outpost inside another country. Strong countries, such as the United States, China and the United Kingdom have embassies in almost every country in the world. This gives them a network to build relations, gather information and liaise more easily with foreign powers.

Another way that countries can use diplomacy to become strong is through international organisations such as the United Nations. The UN is the major forum for global diplomacy. Being active within the United Nations, and similar international bodies, helps a nation to ensure its strategic interests are protected. It can also help a country build connections with friendly nations and form blocks to work towards their shared goals.

Having an effective diplomatic corps, as well as being active in international organisations, is a major factor in making a country strong.

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