6 Reasons Why Israel Is Not A Third World Country

Israel is a tiny nation located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. With a population of less than ten million people, Israel is one of the least populated countries in the world. Israel lacks any significant reserves of natural resources, and is somewhat economically isolated due to the ongoing conflict with Arab neighbours. So, does that mean Israel is a poor third world nation? Actually, it’s not, and we’ll explain why…

1. Israel Is A Rich Nation

A first reason why Israel is not a third world country is because it is a rich nation.

Israel has a GDP of 488.5 billion dollars. A country’s GDP is essentially the total value of the goods and services it produces. Israel has the 29th largest GDP in the world – this is impressive for a small country with a population of only 9.36 million people. The fact that Israel has a large economy, relative to its size, is a key indication that it is not a third world country.

As well as having a large GDP, Israel also has a high per capita income – this is how much the average Israeli earns. With a per capita income of 44,060 USD, Israelis are wealthy by global standards. Israel has the 13th highest per capita income in the world. This is another clear indication that Israel is not a third world nation.

Israel is one of the richest countries in the world. As a result, it cannot be in the third world.

2. Israel Has An Advanced Economy

A second reason why Israel is not a third world country is because it has an advanced economy.

Third world nations are charactered by their under-developed economies. They often rely on economic sectors that utilize little technology, such as agriculture or natural resource extraction. In contrast, Israel has one of the most advanced economies in the world. This means it is not in the third world.

The economy of Israel is highly diversified, and has a number of advanced sectors that generate significant revenue for the country. Israel is a world leader in economic fields such as arms development, computer sciences, pharmaceuticals, technology and manufacturing and diamond cutting. The country also has large parts of its economy dedicated to tourism and agriculture.

The fact that Israel competes on the world stage in advanced economic sectors, combined with the nation’s diverse economy, means that it is not a third world country.

3. There Is Good Infrastructure In Israel

A third reason why Israel is not a third world country is because there is good infrastructure across the nation.

A country’s infrastructure is the physical structures needed for the nation to function. It includes roads, railways, airports, utilities and tele-communication networks. Third world countries have poor infrastructure. Their governments lack the revenue needed to build the infrastructure they require as well as to update and maintain the infrastructure they have.

Israel has world-class infrastructure. There is a quality road network linking all cities, town and villages in the country. There is also an extensive rail network. Israel has three airports – impressive for a tiny nation of only 8,550 square miles. All Israelis have access to clean water, electricity and gas, and there is good phone and internet connections throughout the country.

There is good infrastructure in all parts of Israel. This is in contrast to third world countries.

4. Israeli Can Access Quality Healthcare

Another reason why Israel is not a third world country is because Israelis can access quality healthcare.

Third world countries do not have good medical systems. As with infrastructure, third world governments lack the funds needed to support a quality healthcare system. This means many people in third world countries must pay for their own healthcare, or go without if they cannot afford it. Remote and rural areas in third world countries often especially lack good medical facilities.

Israel’s healthcare system is ranked sixth in the world. All Israelis can access the healthcare they need. The state heavily subsidizes healthcare in Israel, and even in rural parts of the country people can receive medical assistance. Israel has a life expectancy of 82.7 years – this is the eighth highest in the world. This is one result of the country’s amazing healthcare system.

All people in Israel can access healthcare when they need it, and poor people do not go without medical attention. This is a clear sign that Israel is not a third world country.

5. Israel Has A World-class Education System

A further reason why Israel is not a third world country is because it has a good education system.

Another factor that characterizes third world countries is their poor-quality schools. Third world countries do not have the funds to provide quality education to all their young people. This means many children go without schooling, often because their parents cannot afford private education. There are also often few good universities in third world countries, meaning many young people do not receive the higher education needed to take more advanced jobs.

Israel has a top education system. In fact, the Israeli school system is ranked fifth in the world. All children in Israel go to school, which is free and funded by the state. Israel also has some of the top universities globally, including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, and Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Young people in Israel are not blocked from higher education if they come from poorer background.

The quality of the Israeli education system is one indication that the country is not in the third world.

6. Israel Has A Powerful Army

A final reason why Israel is not a third world country is because it has such as powerful army.

Third world countries often have weak armed forces. Their militaries lack good training, their soldiers are paid poorly and their equipment is outdated and in need to maintenance.

Israel has one of the most effective armed forces in the world. The country has a standing army of 169,500 and 465,000 reservists. All Israelis – men and women, must complete mandatory military service. The Israeli military is also highly advanced, utilizing technology effectively. Israel has a major domestic arms industry developing new military technologies, as well as selling weapons overseas.

The fact that Israel can fund a large army for a comparatively small nation, as well as equip it with the latest military weapons is a clear sign that the country is not in the third world.

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