Is There A Country Without Plants? We Take A Look

The world is full of amazing plant life. There are over 300,000 different species of plants that can be found around the globe. Different countries have different climates, and this results in a huge variety of plants evolving across the world’s regions. But this begs one question – is there any country that has an environment that means that plants just can’t grow? Is there actually a country that is completely without plant life?

There isn’t a country without plants. Every nation in the world has some form of plant life. In all countries some plants grow naturally. People also bring plants around the world to have them grow, further ensuring every nation has some plants.

…but that’s just an overview. If we are going to see why every single nation on earth has some plant life, we need to look a bit deeper.

Why There Isn’t A Country Without Plants?

So, it’s clear that there isn’t a country in the world that doesn’t have any plants. But why this? All the countries in the world are so different, why do they all have this in common? Well, actually, there are four main reasons:

  • People need plants to survive
  • Countries need agriculture
  • Plants spread naturally around the world
  • People move plants around the world

Ok, lets briefly go over these…

People Need Plants To Survive

A first reason why there isn’t a country without plants is because people need plants to survive. Plants are not only a vital food source for human beings, but they are also key for animals to eat. Animals are an important food source for people, but are also needed to maintain eco-systems that keep plants alive. Essentially, plants are a key part of any environment. The important role plants play in food chains and eco-systems is why there isn’t a country without them.

Countries Need Agriculture

A second reason why every country has plants is because they are important agriculture. As we said, people need plants to eat. Agriculture – the science and practice of faming, has been vital for ensuring food supplies to societies. Many argue the invention of farming is key to why human civilizations developed. People cannot live without some form of agriculture, and this is why there isn’t a country without plants at all.

Plants Spread Naturally Around The World

One reason why all countries have plants is because plants naturally spread around the world. There are many ways that plants can spread their seeds, including by the wind, through animals or even down rivers. This means that plants have spread by themselves, even without people. Plants have spread literally all over the world. There is basically no place in the world plant life has not reached, and this is why there isn’t a country without them.

People Move Plants Around The World

A final reason why there isn’t a country without plants is because people move plants all over the world. As we said, plants are vital for people’s survival. As a result, people often take plant seeds with them when they migrate. Throughout history this has meant that plants have been brought to many locations people have moved to and where they form nations. This is a reason why all countries have plants.

Could There Be A Country With No Plants?

Ok, we’ve established there isn’t a country globally that has no plant life at all, and why, but what about looking forward?  Could we one day see a country without plants? Definity not, and here’s the reasons why:

  • There will always be plants
  • Plants are vital for a country’s future
  • People like plants
  • Plants are key for natural habitats

Let’s take a quick look at each of these…

There Will Always Be Plants

A first reason why there could never be a nation without plants is because there will always be plant life. As we’ve said, every country in the world has some kind of plants. This isn’t going to change. Even if we see drastic changes in climates around the world, some plants will survive and adapt. As a result, every country will always have at least some plants.

Plants Are Vital For A Country’s Future

A second reason why there couldn’t be a country without plants is because plant life is vital for any country’s future. Human beings need plants, not only for food but also to sustain their environment. This will never change. Therefore, all nations going forward will need plants in order to survive into the future. This is why there will always be plants in every country.

People Like Plants

Another reason why there couldn’t be a nation state without plants is because, simply, people like them. Many people enjoy living around plants. Not only is spending time in nature important for humans, but even just having plants around the house is enjoyable for many people. No one would want to live in a country that was totally barren, and therefore there will always be plants in every country.

Plants Are Vital For Natural Habitats

A final reason why there will never be a country without plants is because they are so important to natural habitats. All eco-systems need plants in order for the other parts of the eco-system to survive. Without plant life, animals begin to die. Without animals, plants begin die-off. Eco-systems are finely balanced. Human beings need their natural habitats to flourish, if only to ensure a steady supply of food. This is a key reason why there could not be a country that didn’t have any plants.

Has There Ever Been A Country Without Plants?

There has never been a country without plants. Every place human beings have formed nation states has had plant life. Plants are vital for humans to survive, which is why there has never been a nation without them.

As we’ve said, plants are key to eco-systems and environments that allow human beings to produce food. Not only do people eat plants, but the animals people eat also consume vegetation. For a nation to survive, and thrive, it needs plant life to ensure the food supply for the population. This was even more important through history where societies had to entirely grow their own food, rather then being able to import part of it. All of these factors combined is why there has never been a country with no plant life.

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