Is There A Country Without Animals? We Find Out

There are 195 nation states in the world. All have individual histories, as well as climates, environments and geographies. There are few things that all nations have in common. However, could you say that actually having an animal population is something every country has? Or is there a country out there that doesn’t have any animals at all?

There isn’t a country in the world without animals. Every nation in the world has some animal species. Throughout history there have always been animals within every nation state.

…but that’s just an overview. If we are going to fully understand why every country in the world has an animal population, we need to go into a bit more detail.

Why There Isn’t A Country Without Animals?

Right, so it’s clear that there isn’t a country without animals. But why is this? As we said, every country is so different, especially in climate and geography, so why does every nation have an animal population? Actually, there are four main reasons:

  • Animals live in all habitats
  • All countries need animals
  • People bring animals into countries
  • Countries have been formed where there are animals

Let’s take a quick look at each of these…

Animals Live In All Habitats

A first reason why there isn’t a country without animals is because animals live in all different types of habitats. Countries around the world have hugely varied climates and geographies. This is one reason why there are so many different types of animals. However, this fact shows that animals can adapt to live in almost any habitat. Therefore, no matter the country’s environment, some animals have adapted to living there.

All Countries Need Animals

A second reason why there is no country that doesn’t have animals is because all countries need them. Animals are a vital part of any eco-system. They are key to agriculture, as well as sustaining the natural environment. People also need animals for sustenance, as well as often to play key roles within society. There isn’t a nation in the world that doesn’t need animals in their environment, and this why there isn’t a country without them.

People Bring Animals Into Countries

One reason why every nation has animals is because people bring animals into a country. Throughout human history people have lived closely with animals. As a result, people have often brought animals when they migrated. This means as people have established new countries, even if there weren’t animals there, which there almost certainly was, people brought animals to that location – ensuring that every country in the world have some creatures today.

Countries Have Been Formed Where There Are Animals

A final reason why there isn’t a country without animals is because people have established nations where there are animals. As we’ve said, animals have been, and still are, vital for humans. They are not only needed for food, but also to maintain the wider natural environment. This means people have almost always established nation states where there is already an animal population. This is a major reason why every country today as some animals.

Could There Be A Country With No Animals?

Ok, we’ve established there isn’t today a country without animals at all. But what about looking forward? With changes in climates and environments, could there ever be a country without animal life? Almost certainly not, and there are really four reasons why:

  • No country will see all its animals go extinct
  • Animal migration routes will always continue
  • People will always need animals
  • Animals will always adapt to new habitats

Now we’ll briefly go over each of these in-turn…

No Country Will See All Its Animals Go Extinct

A first reason why there could never been a country that didn’t have any animals is because a nation would struggle to survive without an animal population. People need animals for food and food production. Animals are also key to maintaining crops, as well as, throughout history, as key methods of transport and mechanizations. Many of these elements are still true today, and will be going forward. As a result, there could never be a nation that didn’t have any animals at all.

Animal Migration Routes Will Always Continue

A second reason why there could never been a country without animals is because many animals naturally migrate. Animals are not bound by national borders. They move freely where their instincts take them. Many animals naturally migrate to find food, mate or different climates. There is no way that animals will cease their natural movements, and as a result there could never be a country that didn’t have animals at all.

People Will Always Need Animals

Another reason why animals will are be present is because people will always need animals. Almost all human beings rely on animal products as a key part of their diet. Animals, especially insects, are also vital in maintaining eco-systems, which are critical for ensuring crop production. These factors are never going to change, and therefore there could not be a country without animals.

Animals Will Always Adapt To New Habitats

A final reason why there could not be a country without animals is because animals will adapt to new habitats. Animals evolve. This means that as climates change, animals adapt to their new environments. Therefore, if a country’s environment changes, many of the animals there will evolve to cope.

Has There Ever Been A Country Without Animals?

There has never been a country without animals. Throughout history people have needed animals for food, agriculture and transport. This has meant that people have always formed nations in places where there are animals, or have brought animals when forming a new nation state.

As we’ve said, people essentially need animals to survive. This was even more important in the past when countries had to be formed without modern technology. As human beings have relied so heavily on animals throughout history, it has meant there has never been a country that didn’t’ have any animals at all.

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