Which Country Has Never Been to War? We Find Out

Over the years, there have been many horrific wars across the world. Wars can be caused by religious differences, political issues, territorial disputes, or clashes between different ethnic groups. War is not only extremely destructive, but it is also extremely costly.

Tragically, wars kill millions of people. We could only dream of a world where there is abundant peace. Does such a world exist? Are there really countries that have never experienced war? In this article, we will talk about what countries have never been to war. Let’s begin with an overview:

Vanuatu, Vatican City, Iceland, Greenland, and San Marino are some of the countries that have never been to war. These countries have been almost entirely peaceful throughout their histories. Most of these countries are small and so have avoided many conflicts.

Most countries have been to war at some point, but these peaceful countries give us hope. If you want to learn more about the most peaceful countries around the world, keep reading.

Is There a Country That Has Never Been to War?

As we mentioned earlier, there are several countries that have never been to war. These countries are known for their peacefulness and their lack of violent involvement with any other countries. 

So, let’s discuss each one of those countries in more detail:

San Marino

San Marino was founded as a country in the 4th century and is one of the oldest nations known to exist. The country has been free from war since its founding. 

San Marino is a tiny nation entirely surrounded by Italy. With a total size of 61.2 square kilometres, and a modern population of just less than 40,000, San Marino is one of the smallest, and most peaceful, countries in the world. It was so neutral that even the German army decided to leave it alone during WWII. It was known that even Napoleon respected its independence.

Vatican City

The Vatican City – the tiny independent nation within the city of Rome that is controlled by the Catholic Church, has actually almost never been at war.

The only unfortunate event occurring in the Vatican City due to war happened in WWII when it was accidentally hit by bombs twice. One person died, and another was injured. Since it was unintentional,

Vatican City is considered to be peaceful. It has no formal military, and the Pope has declared that he will not be using his guards to engage in unnecessary wars.


Another country that has never been involved in a war is the gorgeous country of Iceland. 

The irony about Iceland being peaceful is that it gained its independence due to the Second World War when Nazi Germany invaded Denmark in 1940, and Denmark lost all contact with Iceland.

Iceland, since then, has been protected by many British, Canadian, and American troops. The World War Two was bittersweet for Iceland as it introduced its freedom from the Danish crown. Iceland has never involved itself in any wars.


Although Greenland was invaded and ruled by the Danish, Greenland has never fought in any war. 

Since there has been no proof that Greenland actually fought the Vikings, Greenland is considered a peaceful country. It typically has no military, but it has a coast guard patrol in case of emergencies.


Vanuatu is a nation made up of about 80 islands. It is known for its beautiful waters and amazing scenery. This beautiful place, located in the South Pacific Ocean, has never experienced war. 

The surrounding Solomon Islands were involved in battles in WWII, but Vanuatu was spared from participating.

What Countries Have Not Been in War in the Past 100 Years?

Two countries stand out when asked what countries have not been to war for the past 100 years, and those countries are Sweden and Switzerland. 

However, both countries were impacted in the past by wars fought by other nations, such as WWI and WWII, but they did not actually fight in these conflicts.


Switzerland gained its independence from Napoleon’s authority in 1815. It was then known as the Swiss Federation and was a neutral country until a large-scale civil war broke out in 1848. This civil war was fuelled by religious divisions within the country. However, it resulted in a more centralised state and the formation of the Switzerland we know today.

Since the 1847 civil war, Switzerland has never seen conflict. Switzerland was neutral in both World War One and Two. Although in the Second World War there were incidents where bombs were accidently dropped on Swiss targets, these were rare, and the country has almost entirely avoided war in the last 100 years.

Switzerland has a strong army that goes through much training. Despite that, however, Switzerland has become a peaceful country over the past 100 years. It is also free from internal conflict.


Sweden is another country that has not been involved in a war for over 100 years. In fact, Sweden has not been at war since 1814. 

During WWII, Sweden was not directly involved in the fighting; however, it was hugely criticized by many nations across the globe for allowing the Nazi German army to pass through using the country’s roads and rail network. However, Sweden was not officially allied to Germany and was natural throughout the conflict.

The Swedish army has been involved in UN peacekeeping operations. Its military is known to be strong, although small.

What Countries Have Not Had a Civil War?

If taking medieval times into account, almost all the countries that exist on earth today have been involved in one or another type of civil war. 

It is not exactly clear what countries have never experienced civil war; however, in recent history, many countries have remained peaceful.

Countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland haven’t been involved in civil wars for the past 100 years. These countries have either worked out their differences or separated to retain peace. 

There’s been no indication that any of these countries are at risk of a civil war.

What Country Has Never Been Attacked by Another Country?

Switzerland is a country that has never been purposely attacked by any other country. Switzerland has always remained a neutral country after its independence. It has been at peace for the past 150 years and prides itself on being one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Are We Really Living in the Most Peaceful Time Ever?

Contrary to popular belief, in the middle of all the violence and crime occurring today, we do live in the most peaceful time ever.

It is difficult to grasp this concept because of how many crimes and violent acts we see daily; however, the 21st century is one of the most peaceful times in human history.

Our most recent wars are not as bloody, destructive, or frequent as those of the past. As humans, we still have a long way to go to achieve world peace, but compared to the past, we live in the most peaceful time ever.

The reason we might think that we are declining in terms of crime and violence is that we have increased exposure to the media as we have access to every news outlet we can think of. 

The fact that crimes and wars are being reported is a good thing, but it makes people more aware of the surrounding dangers.


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